Licensing & Mitigation

Licensing & Mitigation

If your development requires a protected species licence from Natural England, we can guide you through this process and apply for the licence on your behalf. We can provide mitigation solutions, advice and guidance on timings of work, in addition to on-site ecological support and supervision.

Complete Solutions

Alongside our delivery partners at Remtech, we offer complete ecological mitigation solutions to include broad enabling works services and specialist ecological consultancy support. Together we understand the importance of design and regulatory alignment in planning and implementation of ecological mitigation activities.

Our mitigation services include:
Badgers: sett design and construction, monitoring and licensed sett closure;
Bats: mitigation design, licensing and roost closure;
Great crest newt and reptiles: trapping and translocation;
Exclusion fencing – installation and maintenance;
Habitat design, creation, translocation and enhancement – including ponds and hibernacula.


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