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Protected Species Surveys


In the UK, bats are protected by law, meaning a survey and assessment of impacts will be required if a project or development is considered likely to affect bats or their roosts. Mortimer Environmental can carry out initial surveys for you to determine whether bats are present on your site and assess any potential impacts and requirements for further surveys. Our experienced field ecologists are members of CIEEM, hold Natural England bat licenses and adhere to best ecological practices. Please get in touch for a chat, to discuss your requirements or to request a fee proposal.

Great Crested Newts

If your planning authority has indicated that great crested newt surveys are required, our experienced ecologists can provide practical and pragmatic advice for you to achieve your planning goals. We offer an initial habitat suitability index report (HSI) followed by field surveys (if required) carried out in line with Natural England guidelines. All work is carried out under license from Natural England. Advice on the need for further surveys will be provided based on the results of these initial assessments. Please be advised that field surveys for great crested newts can only be carried out during peak season (March to June).

White Clawed Crayfish

White-Clawed Crayfish are protected by five different pieces of legislation in the UK, meaning that if construction is going to be undertaken on or near a watercourse, it is important to ascertain whether there are protected or invasive species present. All of our crayfish surveys are undertaken by a Natural England licensed surveyor. We can provide crayfish refuge surveys, torchlight surveys, as well as live trapping, as well as providing the relocation of crayfish. Crayfish surveys can be undertaken between March to September.


Mortimer Environmental are also able to offer practical advice and survey support for a variety of other protected species including badgers, reptiles, otters, dormice and breeding birds. Our coverage extends throughout England and Wales. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements.


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