Back to School! – Mortimer Environmental

Mortimer Environmental News & Views   Back to School! It was back to school for #TeamMortimer this week as we conducted initial surveys at a site where badgers are causing significant damage to school buildings. Our goal is to create a positive coexistence between the badger family and the school, by safely relocating them through the installation … Read more

National Mammal Week

Mortimer Environmental News & Views   National Mammal Week It’s National Mammal Week and this provides a great opportunity to reflect upon this season’s mammal surveys, and what we have been up to. We have been involved in some exciting projects across the UK involving mammals, from otters and dormice in Somerset, badgers in urban … Read more

New Office! – Mortimer Environmental

Mortimer Environmental News & Views   New Office! It’s been an exciting few days for Team Mortimer as we celebrate the opening of our new office in Henley-in-Arden. This is a great next-step for us, providing a central location to spend time in-person with our team in this digital world! We are looking forward to … Read more

Using Thermal Imaging For Bat Surveys

Mortimer Environmental News & Views   Using Infra-red And Thermal Imaging For Bat Surveys The use of thermal imaging and infra-red recording techniques alongside more traditional bat survey methods is becoming increasingly prevalent. Working in collaboration with Anton Kattan of Pure Ecology, we have found that combining the two techniques together can provide fantastic insights … Read more

Strategic Partnership with RemTech Ltd

Mortimer Environmental News & Views   Strategic Partnership with RemTech Ltd RemTech Ltd We are pleased to announce a strategic partnership with RemTech Ltd. Together we complement RemTech’s broad enabling works services with specialist ecological consultancy support.  This means we can offer our clients complete solutions for project and infrastructure enabling works, for example by … Read more

Bats in Churches! – Mortimer Environmental

Bats in Churches! We have been working with Natural England’s Bats in Churches Project to find novel solutions for churches struggling to cope with mess caused by roosting bats. These solutions need to be sensitive to the fabric of these historic buildings, whilst safeguarding important bat roosts. We have worked closely with church members and … Read more

Success for Mortimer Environmental!

Success for Mortimer Environmental! Mortimer Environmental are delighted to announce our selection onto the approved supplier list for BBV’s Vegetation & Environmental Services Framework. This is a fantastic opportunity to work with BBV on the High Speed 2 scheme alongside our key delivery partners Remediation Technologies Ltd and PURE ECOLOGY LIMITED and to be involved … Read more

Blue Monday? Make it Green!

Blue Monday? Make it Green!   Blue Monday? Make it Count. Make it Green! It’s around this time each year that local radio and social media often highlight the dreaded ‘Blue Monday’ – the third Monday in January alleged to be the most depressing day of the year! Rather than seeing this as a self-fulfilling … Read more

Happy clients, happy ecologists!

Happy clients, happy ecologists! Happy clients = happy ecologists! We received this message from a church that was replacing a stained glass window close to bat roosts and access points. The church hosts several species of bats, including a maternity colony of Natterer’s bats. We were able to visit the site in a timely manner … Read more

Grounded Bats

Mortimer Environmental News & Views   Grounded Bats During our dusk bat surveys last week we found this grounded pipistrelle bat. He was very cold, but after warming him up he started making socialisation calls and flew off to join the other pipistrelles once they emerged. All bat species in the UK are protected by … Read more